Textures of India


Guys, I cannot even begin to describe my trip to India.  It was much different from I’d imagined, but in a good way.  I had visions of ‘Slumdog millionaire’ with kids clamoring to the car windows on each outing from the hotel.  I was informed by a colleague that had I been in Mumbai, that might have been the case.

In Delhi, there was a distinct flair for beauty and culture, a little european influence, and lots and lots of traffic.  Since I was there for work, I didn’t get to tour around or see a lot of the spots most would probably want to visit, but I did get to see a fair amount more than I usually do on business trips.

As you can see from the snippets above, I was just overtaken by all of the amazing color, texture, and materials that surrounded everyday life in Delhi.  I do have a ton more photos, but thought these beautiful examples of the culture through color and texture were a great display of my visit for you all!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!


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