Thanksgiving Place Card Mini Notebooks

name card thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in just two days and if you’re still looking for a really darling personal touch to your table, here it is!

I created mini notebooks for my Thanksgiving guests that serve as both a fun little activity, but also as the name cards for the table! I tied a little golf pencil so that folks could jot down their personal feelings of gratitude or just keep as a party favor.

thanksgiving table name cards

I have a downloadable template that you can print out onto pretty paper (I used kraft), and customize with the names of your guests!

Keep reading for the step by step photos and instructions!


  • book ‘cover’ printed onto card stock – template here.
  • regular white printer paper for the interior pages
  • cross stitch thread for the binding
  • mini golf pencils (I spray painted mine gold!)

thanksgiving notebook tutorial

ONE cut out the notebook covers TWO measure 3.5″ x 2.5″ pieces of computer paper and cut out.  THREE Divvy two pieces to each book cover and fold them all together.

thanksgiving notebook tutorial 2

FOUR staple the book cover to the pages inside.  FIVE write your guests names in the blank space on the front cover. SIX tie a little flourish onto the binding and attach mini pencil.

thanksgiving place cards

And there you have it!  They’re so fun to play with at dinner and might also help any kiddos at the table to be entertained.

Will you make anything handmade for your table?


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