‘That’s My Jam’ Canning Party – Pt 1

fall farmers market

I think one of the things I love so much about fall is that it’s the season we seem to mingle so well with nature.  People revel in apple picking, pumpkin patches, and farmer’s markets.  I wanted to take advantage of this festive time, so I’m planning a JAM party for my girls!  I’ve divided the ‘party’ into two steps since I know canning can be pretty time consuming and tedious.

Step one is farmer’s market shopping.  Each friend lives on a different side of town and has their preferred market.  Everyone also has different preferences on food!  I armed each friend with a custom tote that reads, ‘That’s my JAM” (haha).  I made the totes last week on the iPhone app, Makr, and they arrived just in time to give one out to each girl with the challenge to return this weekend with a bag full of fall produce.

fall apple picking

I set out on the same assignment and picked up some Jonathon apples, pears, green beans, and tomatoes.

Step two will be this weekend! Each girl will bring her goodies and we’ll whip up some jams, jellies, preserves, butters, sauces, or whatever else strikes our fancy.  We’ll chat, create, and sip on Rosé.  The perfect fall activity!

To prepare for the event, I’ve stocked up on Bell Jars, giant stock pots, cutting boards, and paring knives.  We’ll be using the Makr app again (this time with the iPad app) to make labels for each one of our concoctions!

Farmers market tote fall produce

I am done with my shopping and can’t want to see what the other girls picked up!  We’re going to have a fabulous fall time making all sorts of goodies that will (hopefully) last through out the winter!

Want to follow along?  You can whip up your own tote design using the Makr app, or you can actually buy my design in the Makr marketplace HERE!!  Similarly, after I’ve designed the labels, I’ll have them available for you to get as well!  Come on, it will be fun!



Disclosure:  We’ve partnered with Makr to bring you this idea! Compensation was provided but the party ideas, photos, and fun will all be mine! Thank you for continuing to support the brands that allow us to bring you fresh content five days a week!

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