The Beautiful Way to Wrap Gift Cards

cute ways to wrap gift cards

Some gifts are so hard to wrap, either because they’re oddly shaped or because they’re super small – like jewelry or gift cards.  I am not a huge fan of paper bags and use them very sparingly, so I typically revert to muslin bags which give a little feeling of specialness and luxury to something like a gift card that could use a little personality boost.

This year, I decided to pump up the pretty factor with some black and white botanical transfers to really make these muslin bags stand out!  They’re the perfect size and fit nicely snuggled up in the tree branches as well. It’s easy as using an iron, and I have the free printable for you as well!


materials for wrapping gift cards

The printable transfer paper is available at tons of places from Target to Walmart to craft stores to office supply stores.  You just print the design onto the face side of the paper and iron on.  You can either use my free printable PDF – muslin gift bag printables – or create your own, just remember to flip any text to be a mirror image so that it goes on right.

You can then just use a permanent marker to fill out the ‘To’ and ‘From’ to your liking!

gift card wrapping ideas

gift wrapping for gift cards



It’s such a pretty way to personalize gifts and a brilliant way to wrap gift cards and show those you love just how much you care…enough to make them their own little gift bag!  I feel like these little baggies are going to add a pretty element to my black and white decor scheme below (and on!) the tree.


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