The Best Changing Pad Cover


I told you guys a few weeks ago that I had a changing pad cover DIY coming up, and that has changed slightly because fate intervened.  Here is what happened.  I was irritated at the changing pad covers that were available because I just couldn’t find a decent pattern that wasn’t $40.  I think $40 for something that is this small and you need multiples of is a little ridiculous, but everything I was seeing in an acceptable price range was really not cute.  Most baby store covers were either very gender specific or very plan and blah.  I intended to buy a sheet set that had a great pattern and just make my own mini fitted sheets for the changing pad (which is what the blue pattern is that is shown in this photo).

I’m mid planning phase of the DIY with sheets spread out all over the nursery floor taking measurements when the grabbed the pillowcases that came with the sheet set to just stick in our linen closet as extras.  Then I looked at the size of the pillowcase, looked at the changing pad cover and thought, “I wonder if this will fit?”  The width fit PERFECTLY.  Like a glove, but the length was a little short.  I ran to the linen closet and grabbed one of my king pillow cases to see if that would work. It did.




I just sat there and thought, “DIY done”.

I immediately returned the king set and just bought two sets of different patterned king pillowcases which were on sale for $10.  I love the neutral pattern and you cannot beat the price.  Not only that, but slipping them on and off is really really easy and they fold nice and flat.

If I’ve learned anything in the last few months of building a registry and receiving advice from other moms, it’s to keep it simple.  This, in my mind, is about as simple as it comes.

p.s. See this post for the details on the nursery art!


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