The Best Summer Lighting for Everyone

summer glow

Outdoor lighting can be a little tricky, sometimes you feel like you’re sitting in the dark and other times you feel like your yard is lit up like an airstrip!  With a combination of light from solar, soft LEDs and a twinkling fire, you can cover all of your bases and have the best summer yet.

I prefer layering all types of lighting together for the best effect.


A fire off in the corner provides a warm crackle, not to mention a focal point to gather around with skewers in hand!  For a seated dinner, candles on the table keep away bugs and softly light people’s faces.

Solar light

I went through a whole summer one year without ever using my solar lights because I kept forgetting to set them out before evening fell.  Make sure that you integrate solar lanterns or path lights into your everyday patio decor and landscaping so that they’re there when you need them.

Electric light

The best part about the typical plug-in lights is that you don’t have to charge anything, but you also need access to an outlet on your patio.  Go ahead and invest in a nice outdoor extension cord so that your next outdoor dinner party is as easy as plug and done!  Plus, once winter rolls around and you’re breaking out the holiday lights, you’ll be glad you had it.

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