The Big List (I’m sure you have one!)

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We have our weekly ‘List’ in which I share little finds from the week, but there is a much bigger list that I keep as well – a list I’m sure everyone has – and that is the ‘House Work To-Do List’.

I don’t mean house work like doing the dishes, or cleaning the bathroom.  I mean the long, ever growing list of things that need to be fixed, changed, repaired, or completely renovated.  Especially in an old house, this list grows and grows, but I’m sure that even those of you in newer dwellings face similar tasks, right? 


I have a friend who moved into a really beautiful new home in Nashville, but she wanted to put her own touch on the house, so her list was born.  From replacing 90’s tile in bathrooms to adding on a guest suite above her garage, her list, little by little, was tackled, creating the house she dreamed of.

For me, I am at a cross roads with my list.

We’ve completed (nearly) all of the major renovations we’ll do in this house, (with the exception of the only bathroom which until this point, we’ve merely completed cosmetic updates, but really it needs completely torn down to the studs) and I’m now looking around at a little more surface-y things that keep being moved to the back of the line as bigger and more urgent issues crop up.

I’m at a crossroads, however, because my full list is LONG.  It’s so long in fact, that both Matt and I are a little overwhelmed by the sight of it. Here is just a small sample:

  1. New carpet throughout
  2. Fix ceiling in living room
  3. Panel ceilings in living and dining rooms (Like I did in the office)
  4. Swap broken gas fireplace for ventless fireplace insert
  5. Fix broken dining room window
  6. Put new window in bathroom
  7. Retile bathroom
  8. Redo plumbing in bathroom
  9. New ceiling fan in bedroom
  10. Clean out attic and create guest suite
  11. Revamp seating/TV arrangement in living room
  12. Do something to dining room (it’s boring)

Not only are these lists overwhelming because they’re long, but because (if your list is anything like mine) each item contains multiple steps.  That new carpet throughout? Well that also means that we have to move every single piece of furniture in the house.  And if we’re moving furniture, why don’t we take the opportunity to make some changes, right?

Can you relate?  What types of things do you have on  your lists? And how do you handle list overwhelm?



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