The Big Reveal

expected to pop final perry 610

A little different than our typical ‘reveals’ huh?  I am not huge on cheesy announcements, but I also was so excited to finally share the news with you all that we’re expecting our first child later this summer.  It’s been 16 weeks of keeping a secret that (for several reasons) I was dying to tell you all about.

Most notably, we received so much encouragement from you all after, earlier this year, I shared the heartbreak of the miscarriage that we went through last fall.  When I wrote the miscarriage post in early January, I was just barely 6 weeks along with this pregnancy and the feelings of fear that it would happen again were super strong.  I felt that writing a post about it was a good way to not only reach out to others who had dealt with the same experience (and had the same fear), but also to remind myself that it was out of my hands.  I had to have trust and faith in my body and in God that this pregnancy would be viable and healthy.

It was true what so many people told me… the body recoups quickly.  The first month we were given the go-ahead to try again (three months post-miscarriage), I got pregnant.  I didn’t even really think it would happen.  I didn’t do any tracking whatsoever, we just felt that what was meant to happen would happen and went about our daily lives.

We found out I was pregnant the day after Christmas – how’s that for a gift? When we woke up, Matt and I took it easy, laying in bed, watching TV, drinking coffee and eating the croissants I’d made the day prior for Christmas morning.  While we were laying there, I just told him that I felt weird and might be pregnant.  Being so soon after the miscarriage, I think we were both a little gun-shy on the whole experience and kind of dawdled around with the idea before I took a test.  But, as soon as I did, my intuition was right, and we saw those two pink lines.

We were both happy, but cautious.  It is such a strange feeling to know that you’ve been there before and it didn’t go well. We were pretty of matter-of-fact about the positive result, just kind of thinking, “ok, well we’ll see”…. which is terrible.  I feel terrible admitting that I felt so reserved and cautious about feeling any joy. But, soon after the positive result I began getting very very sick.  Everything I read (plus everything my doctor told me) assured me that nausea is a good sign, meaning that hormone levels are on the rise.  The baby must have really taken that advice to heart, knowing that I needed reassurance, because I was literally the sickest I can remember being.  Ever in my life.  The only exception might be the three days I had e.coli, but that only lasted for three days.  This lasted for EIGHT WEEKS. Throughout January and February, I lost about 10 lbs, had an ER encounter for the nausea & dehydration, and couldn’t keep anything down aside from plain bagels and frosted mini wheats.  For someone who had been Paleo for much of the previous year, that was a big change.  I couldn’t even look at meat, veggies, coffee or fruit without running for the hills (or bathroom, whatever).  And forget the food aversions, I couldn’t even bear the smell of simple things like my face cream, my body wash, my laundry detergent, my own hair, or even my little pup.

Friends and family started getting a little suspicious why we were hibernating for weeks on end and we ended up sharing the news with those close to us around 10 weeks. Since then, we’ve had several doctors visits, seen & heard our little one’s heartbeat, and have been reassured that everything is going wonderfully and our little babe is healthy as can be.



perry BTS

At the sixteen week point, the fear of loss and the nausea have both almost completed dissipated, which has allowed the happiness to settle in.  We’re in full-on planning mode and have lots of changes for the house and for our lives a head of us.  Perry is really starting to feel the change as well, although she clearly doesn’t seem too distraught in these photos, regardless of the fact that we tied a helium balloon to her collar, then spent a good twenty minutes just laughing at her walking around with this crazy ‘why is everyone laughing at me’ smile on her face.  We’re going to be great parents (insert crying/laughing emoji here).

perry balloon

For the blog this news means a few more exciting things.  We’ll be making lots of changes to the house as we prepare for the babe.  We’ve got the guest room moving to the 3rd floor, a nursery plan in the works, and even some other small changes to the rest of our house which is currently the least baby-friendly place in the world.  Although I’m focusing very very hard to keep things as stylish as possible and not let baby things rule our common space, the house, of course, needs to be safe.

We have a good five months to get our to-do list done and you guys will be front-row along the way – of course along with the regular content and DIYs you expect!


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