The Big Three-Oh

Isn’t it funny the crazy amount of choices that we’re presented with each day and how they, together, form a path?  It can be overwhelming if you really think about it, but today, on my thirtieth birthday, I’m breaking free.

All my life, for the last thirty years, I’ve made choices that I thought would to take me in the right direction.  But what was the right direction?  Growing up, it was the opinion of my parents. In school the right direction could have guided by a professor, and in the workforce, the opinion of an HR team, a boss, or a colleague. I never felt that those directions were 100% me, and guess what?  I’ve ended up on paths that have been walked by thousands before me.

It’s really taken the past ten years to gain insight on what I want and where I want to go.  I don’t want to follow in someone else’s footsteps because I can’t shine.  I need my own way, my own path. I don’t 100% know what that entails, but that is the amazing part.  There is nobody to tell me what the next step is, because no one else has been there. There is freedom in not knowing what I should do next because that page hasn’t been written, and it’s all up to me.

I’m so so blessed to have my husband as my primary support.  He never tells me that something isn’t possible, or shouldn’t be done.  He’s a dreamer and a thinker like I am.  I know he supports a ‘no plan plan’ and gets as excited about life’s endless opportunities as I do. I’m going to take the next decade to dig this path out with him by my side.  I do have some specific goals in the next ten years, however, I’d be aimless if I didn’t!

The Big Ones:

1. Work for myself

2. Live Internationally for at least a year

3. Build a house on the land we bought (already)

I have a ton of little ones that are a little more ‘everyday’… things like washing my face before bed and maintaining my weight, but those are always on my list of things to strive for. Overall, I’m just going to do more of my own thing, and less of other peoples’ things.  That means I cannot compare myself to anyone – because nobody else is on my path! There is a lot of joy in that thought and a lot of happiness in my heart today as I turn my face to my next ten years!


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