The Carpet vs. Hardwood Decision

We’ve reached a decision in the carpet vs. hardwood debate, and this picture from a 2011 issue of Elle Decor really sealed the deal for me. I’m pretty sure this is a sisal rug, not carpet, but regardless, I like the look of it.  I’m drawn to how it isn’t the focus, but it also isn’t begged to be forgotten or overlooked.  It compliments the rest of the room design in a nice, textural way.

Aside from the striking Elle Decor photo, the other (much more practical) thing to take into consideration is the fact that our hall cannot be converted to wood because there is a major blemish under the carpet unable to be repaired. We discussed the oddity of having wood in the bedrooms with a carpeted hall/stair landing and agreed that it would be strange to have a random carpet island in the middle of the upstairs. So again, another point for carpet in the bedrooms.

Back to the sisal look.  I like that the above swatch has a grid type texture, has very very low pile, and is reminiscent of the sisal.  This makes the decision much less painful.  I was able to bring home a large square of the carpet to test out in our room and liked how it looked!

Alright. I’m sold. I think this could still be really good. I could potentially still layer on some sort of awesome kilim rug like in the first photo.

I think I’m warming up to it – are you?

I’d love your thoughts!


Have a GREAT Wednesday out there, guys!

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