The Case of the Underwhelmed Pumpkin

There are many years when I spend so much time picking out the perfect pumpkin, just to get it home and it looks so sad and lonely on its own, without the festive and plentiful vibe I was getting upon purchase.  This is the under-whelmed pumpkin.

What to do?  Elevate.  Everything appears larger, and more focal when it is elevated, and the same is true here. With just  terra-cotta pot and some moss or straw, you can have a festive looking singular pumpkin in no time at all.  Don’t have a terra-cotta flower-pot? A plastic one covered in burlap works wonderfully, too.

If you’d like to really ‘up’ the festive factor,  group together other, smaller, pumpkins that would otherwise look lonely too.

These are some happy looking pumpkins.

I hope you have a HAPPY Tuesday!


*all photos by house of earnest

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