Posted on by Erin | Earnest Home

This idiom is quite straight forward, reminding us not to overlook the details.  I use this phrase a lot and I got to thinking this morning that I need the reminder for a different reason – to slow down.

I run around a bunch, bouncing from project to project and pushing to get things done before the deadline, but I don’t think I’m being as thoughtful as I should.  The devil’s in the details. I know the details are there, and I do look at them, but I need to look beyond just seeing the details and let them soak in.

I was planning to blog about something else completely, but I came across this tile floor this morning from The Style Files and it just hit me.  This is so much more than a tile floor.  My projects are so much more than the sum of their parts.

So this Monday morning, I’m setting off the week promising to myself to slow down, enjoy the process, and not just look at the details, but relish in them.