The Easiest Way to Clean your Makeup Brushes

the quick way to clean your make up brushes

When is the last time you actually cleaned your makeup brushes?  If you’re anything like me, it usually spans somewhere between years ago and never. It’s not because it’s particularly hard, it’s just that whenever we think about it right when we’re actually using them and then after that thought has passed we are on our way out the door.

This past fall, while I was painting my face for this, I was using my gel eyeliner brush to create some of the detail, but had to clean the brushes in between colors.  In that moment, I had what they call an ‘aha’ moment. Now, I hate the term ‘life hack’.  I think it’s so overplayed, but I might dare to refer to this trick as my favorite life hack to date.  There I said it, Like Hack. And here you have it: The easiest way to clean your makeup brushes!

life hack - makeup brush cleaning

It was during that face painting session that I had a few make-up remover wipes out for minor mistakes that I just started swiping my brushes on the towelette to clear out the color and I had the thought… why don’t I do this more often?

After that, I started getting out a make-up remover wipe (I like the Boots No7 Quick thinking wipes) and just giving my brushes a quick rub-down after each use.  Since they don’t get soaked, they dry pretty quickly, too, which is a big selling point for me.

The first time, it might take a few towelettes to get them clean, but after that, it’s easy to keep up with.

I just make sure that I leave them out to dry (as opposed to sticking them into a zippered make-up bag) for a few minutes after cleaning.

easy make up brush cleaning the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes DSC_8922

So, do you think you’ll give it a try?  Maybe your brushes will get cleaned more often?

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