The Farmhouse Living Room Refresh Plans

amber interiors - living room inspo

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I had all of these big plans to weekend pretty hard, then the weather didn’t pan out to be as nice as what I thought it would, so I ended up just working all weekend… with the exception of a few hours out for a fresh mani & some Sunday morning treats (as witnessed on Insta).

BUT, regardless of how uneventful (and screen-filled) my weekend was, I do have such a fun new project to share!  Since we’ve finished up on the kitchen refresh, I’m just moving around this 100+ victorian farmhouse refreshing one room after the next.  If you remember, we decided that we’ll be in this house for about 6-7 more years before building on the back of our lot, so I figured that there can be a little updating that won’t be expensive (since this isn’t the permanent house) but will still keep us comfortable and happy living here for a little under a decade that we have planned.

Our living room (pictured below in it’s current state) is a little bland.  In my efforts to keep things neutral, I made the common mistake of going too far and just making everything pretty blah and brown.

Over the last year, I’ve tried to add in a little personality by adding the navy drapes and some accessories here and there, but I still feel like the room has no cohesive style.  I’ve been really lusting over the rooms live the one above from Amber Interiors lately and adore the casual, southern california style she’s awesome at. Basically, I need to whiten, brighten, get rid of some of the brown, and add in a little more color.  And I freaking hate the ceiling fan, but in a house with no A/C, it’s pretty much essential.

living room before

Like a lot of things in life, this is one of those situations where the cobbler’s kids not having shoes (or whatever that saying is).  I deal with design in a smaller scale with the products I design for our shop, but on a larger scale, things start to loose their impact for me.  I felt like I was a little too close to the problem (being the one who caused it) and thought that it would really benefit me to bring in an objective eye.

Luckily, my best friend Lacey, is a fabulous designer and I admire her classic, but casual style and knew she’d be a good fit to give me the look I wanted, but modify it a tad to fit into my classic victorian home.  We’ve worked back and forth on a few points, but here is just a small snippet of where we’re currently landing.  There is much more art, furniture (mostly stuff I own), and details that aren’t pictured here, like some custom built-in’s and a potential matte black fireplace!

living room collage

No. 1 White Dove Paint from Benjamin Moore, No. 2 Hair Braid Art by Elizabeth Mayville, No. 3 Natural Blinds from Bali Blinds, No. 4 Stay Awhile art from Visual Pixie, No. 5 Indigo Throw from Amber Interiors, No. 6 Brass Planters from Schoolhouse Electric, No. 7 Diamond throw pillow from Target, No. 8 Stocksund Couch from Ikea, No. 9 Striped Indigo Rug from Target, No. 10 Modern Globe Lamp from Target, No. 11 Box Frame Coffee Table from West Elm, No. 12 Tribal Carved end table from World Market, No. 13 Sisal-like wall to wall carpet.

I’ll be reusing a lot – our coffee table, leather love seat, and a kilim bench will all stay.  I’m selling some of my other current stuff (like my couch) to make room for the new, but I am trying very very diligently to keep the expenses to an absolute minimum.  Some of the items we have featured are even going to end up being DIYs (I’m looking at you, Indigo throw and brass planters).  A few accessories and art will be new, and we’ll have new wall-to-wall carpet installed.  Although I’m not a huge fan of carpet, it’s a necessary evil in a house that has floors so bowed and uneven that wood would be nearly impossible. I’m trying to find something that looks like sisal, but that is soft.

All in all, the design portion of the plan came together fairly easy.  The layout of the room, however, is going to be the tricky part.  I’d love to have the seating grouped in a way that faces one another and encourages conversation, but in a very small (12′ x 14′) room, it’s proving to be a challenge since every orientation that has the couch and loveseat/chair facing one another cuts off a major entry point to the room.  We’re still working on a few options and I hope to have a great solution to show you all.

So, the order of operations for this room revamp is as follows:

  1. Build the built-in media shelving to go to the (viewers) right of the fireplace)
  2. Paint the entire room and shelving
  3. Sell Couch
  4. Get room recarpeted
  5. Buy new couch & accessories
  6. Style & arrange

Although there aren’t a ton of steps here, 1, 2, and 4 will take some time.  I’m hoping to have it completed by the end of April so that we can start on our next room (which I’ve already got plans for!!).


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