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creative giftcard wrap

Ok, so it’s not really ‘gold’ per se, but giving a gift card is pretty darn close.  We’ve partnered with Target to bring you a little slice of holiday cuteness as part of their #giftcardcheer campaign!  We want to show you that giving a Target GiftCard®  is anything but boring if you learn how to wrap it like a pro.

We’ve made a cute-as-ever pouf with a Target GiftCard®  inside.  You can go ahead and wrap the pouf in a box, but we suggest just pinning one right on your bestie.

Here is the easy step by step!

materials for gift card pouf gift card pouf pin tutorial

ONE staple a piece of cardboard (approx the same size as your Target gift card) in the center of three pieces of tissue paper, then cut a circle around the cardboard. TWO place your gift card right on top of the cardboard.  THREE gather up the tissue carefully and cinch in the center.  FOUR use a twist-tie to secure the cinch.  FIVE fluff the tissue to create a pouf. SIX cut a tiny slit into the back of the tissue and slide a blank hair clip (or bobby pin) into the slit.

creative gift card wrapping

You can wear it in your hair, on your shirt, or as a gift topper!  After the twist tie is opened and gift card is removed, just re-cinch for an accessory your friend can wear all season long! How cute is that?



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