The Grand Shelf Reveal

The Shelves are finally done! I’ve spent the last couple weeks painting, which was a little rough considering the many nooks and crannies, but Friday night we finally finished. They dried overnight and then I touched up the grey wall color where necessary on Saturday.

I am beyond happy with them. I’m excited that we finally have some storage in our bedroom, as well as a place to keep some fun collectibles and mementos from throughout the years.

If you’re new to House of Earnest, or want to look back on how it all started. Here are the past posts regarding my scheme for these built in shelves – you can see the progression from idea, to the prep work, to the actual building. It was about a two month process, but we took it slow and didn’t rush.

Although I can’t wait to get my lighting and headboard done, I’m going to relish in the joy of my shelves just a little longer!

Any projects nearing completion for you? Please share!

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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