The Happiest Hour

the happiest hour

Last Thursday, I shared a few happy hour recipes with you and made mention of some reasons why happy hour is my favorite thing.  Of course, one of the more obvious reasons is because happy hour really celebrates a few things I love, mainly wine, cocktails, and snacks.  In fact, I am one of those people who would forgo all square meals and eat snacks exclusively if it was socially acceptable.

But, there is another reason why I love happy hour.  There is another reason why this time of day – the magical time when the sun is shining, but work is complete – is the happiest hour in my life. 

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You see, I work from home.  I sit in my office, working on the computer, shipping orders, and coaching clients.  My work days (although creatively fulfilling) are spent alone with nobody to talk to other than my sidekick, Perry, who is mostly napping and ignoring my attempts to have a conversation with her.  Working for yourself is wonderful, but can be quite alienating as well.  I make attempts to visit with other entrepreneurs on Fridays, but during the week, it’s nose-to-the-grindstone.  So once 5 pm rolls around I start to glance at my watch (pssst!! Use promo code ERINDW to get 15% off until 9/15!)- knowing that Matt should be home at any time now.

Once he gets home, I find a stopping point with whatever project I’m working on.  I slip outside with a pair of cocktails, or even just a few sparkling waters, and we sit.

Usually we just sit on the porch steps, or sometimes we migrate to the patio, but we sit together and talk about the day.  Some days he is the only person I’ve seen all day. I am bursting with things to chat about or curious about how his work went.  Perry is just excited to see someone other than me.

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And it’s extended beyond just the two of us.  Every now and then, my father or brother or mother in law will pop over and join in. On most Fridays, this tradition extends to include our friends.  They all know that if it’s 5pm and the Souder’s are home, then it’s Happy Hour.  You see, it’s not just about the cocktails… it never is.  It’s about the beauty of the interaction and the conversation. This is the foundation that lies beneath happy hour.  The cocktails and snacks are just fuel that fires the ideas and brainstorming that usually come out of these moments.

It’s these moments that I treasure, and that I look forward to throughout the week.  It’s the moments with just my husband talking about life or our future.  It’s the moments with friends talking about anything under the sun. We’ve had business ideas, vacation plans, political debates, and life goals come out of this, the happiest of hours.

Now, tell me about your after-work routine? How to you regroup and reconnect with your family?


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