The Hunt for the Perfect Mid Century Dresser

the hunt - nursery dresser

I spent part of the day on Saturday hunting around a large neighborhood garage sale in search of the perfect mid century dresser to be used as a changing table in the baby’s room.  My plan is to use a changing pad on the top and avoid buying an actual changing table.  The dresser can be used long after the child is out of diapers and will grow well in our home.

The problem I’ve been having is that I also ready have the ‘perfect’ one in my mind.  I absolutely love this dresser from West Elm, but there are two things wrong with just rolling up to my neighborhood mall and getting this exact dresser.

First, I kind of want an actual old dresser.  Something with character and solid wood everything.  With all of the ‘new’ that will be in the room, a little something old would give a little more dimension to the overall design.  Even though I want something old, I want it too look pretty damn similar to this style from WE.  I love how simple the design is. I love the skinny legs and minimal hardware.

The second issue, however, is that it’s just a little out of my budget for the room.

Which brings me to the hunt.  I am on the lookout for an older MCM dresser, but what I find online either isn’t hitting the right style notes or is almost double the price of the new West Elm piece.  So, the dresser I want in my dreams should be a good deal and a great style (isn’t that what we all want?!).

I’ve decided that patience is the cornerstone of this hunt.  To find something that I love at a price that is in my budget, I’ll need to stumble upon a piece being sold by someone who just doesn’t know what they have… My plan is to be a regular on craigslist and to hit up as many flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales as I can handle this summer.  Luckily, it’s the season for such sales!  Next Saturday, my mom and I are going to two sales and I’ll have my fingers crossed for the dresser of my dreams.  Go ahead and cross your fingers for me too.

Now I have two questions for you… First, if you’re a mom, what did you use as a changing table?  Any advice here?  Second, have you ever been seeking out something so specific?  If so, did you strike gold?

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