The List Week 10

the list header wk10

the list wk 10

Ok, so this list may look like I’ve just had a small vacation to Tulum that you guys were unaware of, but I assure you, that is not the case.  I am still sitting in the gray, rainy, Ohio March weather, although I may be (clearly) dreaming of warmer times.

This week has been really productive and fruitful for me.  A ton of new opportunities and ideas were born, and that, my friends, is always good.  Do you ever sometimes feel like you’re in such a rut that nothing can bring you out of it?  Then you turn around the next week (or day) and 10 new and excited things hit you over the head? That was my week.

Tonight, we’re headed out to meet some friends for happy hour who we haven’t seen in years (although they live a mere 30 minutes away).  Then tomorrow, Matt and I are doing a little housekeeping and hopefully spring sprucing.  It’s supposed to be 70 and sunny and I am in dire need of getting my patio plants in order… they are still all brown and dried up from when I should have trimmed them last fall.

What is on your weekend agenda?

The List Week 10

No. 1 TASSEL TIME – guys… how amazing is this black and white embroidered tassel cushion?  And it’s only $18?! I want to order one for every room!

No. 2 PERFECT POP – This indigo patterned cube ottoman would be such a beautiful pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.

No. 3 MORE RATTAN – I’m still on the rattan kick (it’s only been a week!) and I’m thinking that a pair of rattan armchairs might look nice in my living room.  We’ll see..

No. 4 LITTLE CUTIE – Look at this little cutie!  A small blue and white ceramic planter is such a pretty little touch.

No. 5 A TOTAL STEAL – I’ve seen a lot of pom baskets out there, but this one is the best priced one I’ve seen at just $49.  Load up while they last!

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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