The List Week 18

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the list wk18

It’s Friday again!  I feel like this week just flew by… maybe because it was so turbulent.  If you caught my snaps this week (follow at earnesthomeco) you’ll know that the carpet saga continues.  The crew was supposed to install last Saturday, then called Friday night to say they mis-ordered and didn’t have the carpet in their possession yet.  Then, they claimed it would arrive just a few days later, so we rescheduled (for the third time) for this past Wednesday.  They were supposed to arrive at 10am, then 11am when they still weren’t there, we got a short, cryptic text saying that they wouldn’t be coming and would refund our deposit.  This still leaves me in a house that is totally in shambles waiting to be carpeted.  So, Matt and I took matters into our own hands and decided to order the carpet ourselves from the wholesaler and hire our on installation crew.  Now, new carpet will arrive next Wednesday and the crew will come end of next week to install.  Sometimes you just have to do it yourself, I suppose. Whew. It’s one of those scenarios where there is nothing else you can do, so you just have to deal.  I’m just trying to make the best of the situation and get more stuff done in the house (Now, I’m painting more rooms) since I have the time.

But who wants to talk about work on Friday?  Not me. Let’s talk about this List.

The List Week 18

No. 1 MORE COFFEE – ok, I had plenty of coffee related picks this week, but then I spotted this one last night and was like… this is it. The reason I don’t LOVE french presses is because I always break the glass when I’m trying to clean it.  I like the idea of this cream enameled french press which looks less fragile and like it probably keeps coffee so hot! Plus, I mean, the color is picture perfect. AND it’s $30 off right now.

No. 2 KICK BACK – I love this chic and comfy looking outdoor color blocked poof! I have solid ones (also from Target) and they do awesome outside on the patio.

No. 3 FEELIN’ PALMY – I can’t get enough of these water color fronds from The Aestate. I don’t know that they’d go in my house, but maybe I could swing it…

No. 4 WISH LIST – I just felt the need to put it out into the world that this gorgeous leather saddle bag is pretty high on my wish list right now.  It’s one of those things that I’d buy if I got a bonus.  Working for myself, I don’t really get bonuses, but you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll win the lotto!

No. 5 DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? – I love wind chimes, but Matt hates them!  He said they make him feel like he’s in a horror movie. Regardless, This modern ceramic wind chime is quite pretty!  Maybe it’s chime isn’t murdery and Matt will like it!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I’ll be painting my dining room and installing my DIY hand painted patterned tile!


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