The List Week 19

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Happy Friday!  I’m posting a little late today, but for good reason!  The carpet is finally finally going in.  I mean, they’re here working as we speak… it’s happening.  A month of waiting has culminated in this moment.  I know that sounds like an exaggerations, but just read the whole saga and you’ll know why I’m so excited about something as small as a carpet install.

A lot of you actually commented on the carpet saga post with curiosities about why in the WORLD I would cover original wood (I mean, doesn’t everybody want to uncover original hardwoods?!).  A little more explanation on that… The wood under our carpet might look decent in photos, but it’s a wreck.  It’s not the nicely laid oak that was common in the early 20th century.  Firstly, it’s not hardwood, it’s pine and is super soft.  We uncovered it and finished it in our entryway, our kitchen, and my office, and while I love it in these rooms, it’s not really a great quality wood.  It dents and scratches so easily, that rooms we refinished 5 years ago are already in bad shape.  While it probably would have been just fine in the late 1800’s when the house was built, now, it’s warped and has large enough crevices between planks that we can see into the basement cellar.  That isn’t good for sound, energy, walking on with bare feet, anything.  Second, most of the rooms have very large pieces of the floor that are straight up missing and have been replaced with plywood.  Believe me, I am NOT a fan of carpeted dining rooms, but when there is a 7″ (YES SEVEN INCH) difference in floor height from one end of the room to another, laying new hardwood would require almost a complete subfloor and joist rebuild… not in the cards for a house that we won’t be in long-term. Anyway, it broke my heart to see all of the cries for hardwood, because I would love nothing more than to have hardwood in every room.  Next house…next house.

Ok, onto this week’s list.  I had to hold myself back with the amount of beautiful things I found this week.  I hope you guys find something that sparks some creativity in your weekend!

The List Week 19

No. 1 SUMMER STATEMENT – With all the dresses I’ll be wearing this summer, I feel like I’m going to need a good statement sandal.  Since my balance isn’t quite what it used to be, I think a wedge would be my best option. These geometric cut-out sandals have been on my mind for about two months and are perfect!

No. 2 STROKE OF GEO – I really like how this black and white pillow has a structured geo design, but is softened by the brush strokes.  Nice mix, no?

No. 3 GOOD SUBSTITUTE? – The rug I initially wanted for my living room reno isn’t available anymore (insert sad face here).  That is what I get for waiting until the carpet saga was finished before buying.  Anyway, I’m looking for good alternatives that won’t break the bank.  This blue hand woven rug is a great match!

No. 4 ON SALE – I love caning, especially on a patio and these resin outdoor cane chairs would be perfect for someone who can manage more delicate furniture.  We live in a wind tunnel and every piece end up scattered across the lawn on a weekly basis, so nice light furniture isn’t in my cards, but I hope it’s in yours so that you can take advantage of this sale!

No. 5 SPLURGE WORTHYThis lamp… I mean, c’mon!  It’s beautiful!  The minimal shape! The wood and high gloss white! I want it for my new living room stat!

No. 6 CUTE LITTLE GUY – Just an adorable little black and white geometric planter for a steal at $8.

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