The List Week 2

the list header wk2

the list wk 2

Wow, it’s the first full week in a while… how did you do?  For us, it was the first full work week since the first week in December!  We were on vacation which ran us right into the week of Christmas! The ‘long’ week actually felt pretty good… like I could take a breath and spread out instead of rushing through the short week cramming in everything I humanly can.  This weekend we’re doing a little low key birthday celebration for my 33rd.  Just dinner out with Matt on Saturday and then a little brunch with my parents and my in-laws on Sunday, the actual birth-day.

Happy first ‘List’ of 2016!  Technically last Friday would have been the first, but since I took New Year’s Day off, this will be the first! I’ve had a few weeks to collect some favorites that I’ve found around the web.  Some weeks when I complete The List, although I love each individual piece, they may not come together quite in the most moving way… but this week, not only do I love each piece, but I love the look of them all together.  The color palette, the textural mix, the modern/sleek meets natural style.  I’m digging it.

The List Week 2

No. 1 COOL SIMPLICITY – This wood and porcelain lamp a little more retro than my taste usually is, but I like that it can give a stylish twist to most tastes.  Taking it out of the mid-century environment on the Room & Board website and putting it with these more rustic & casual pieces still looks really cool.

No. 2 NATURAL + GRAPHIC – The Etsy shop that makes this graphic moose print is amazing!  I have a project coming up in May (can you believe we’re planning out that far already?!) than incorporates some of this shop’s work. I really like how the photography has a bit of a graphic/artistic element to it that makes it unique and modern.

No. 3 LOVE + ART – As if I didn’t already love Cuyana, now they’ve collaborated with Garance (who I also hugely admire).  These adorably chic Love + Art pouches are functional, but pretty stylish too.

No. 4 GEO GEMS – I’m a little off the geo/geode trend, but I like how organic and textured these gold wire hurricanes from World Market are!

No. 5 POM PILLOW – Geesh, this neibla floor pillow is gorgeous. Had I an extra $225 in my pocket, I would totally nab it.  Kinda makes me think about a DIY… hmmm…..


Have a great weekend, friends!!

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