The List Week 21

the list header wk21

the list wk21

I’m happy that it’s finally Friday.  It’s been a trying week of lots of work and still trying to get the house put back together. I’m tackling it room by room and hopefully have the last of the work done this weekend.  Aside from trying to clean up our act around here, Matt and I are trying to spend a few weekends before the baby arrives doing activities with just the two of us.  Since it’s a long weekend, we’re going to take some time out and head down to the Appalachian foothills to do a little hiking.  I have this looming feeling that for several weeks after the baby arrives, I’ll be stuck in my house with cabin fever, so getting out and getting moving is high on my list of summer to-dos.  Plus, I think staying active is really going to help me feel good throughout the remaining three months of my pregnancy (yes, just three months left… it’s crazy).  Onto these gorgeous goodies!

The List Week 21

No. 1 SWEET CHAMBRAY – Although, statistically, Matt and I are probably having a boy (there hasn’t been a Souder girl in multiple generations…) I still look at the adorable girly things anyway.  I’m not a big fan of bows on babies (I mean, is that even comfortable?!) but these sweet and simple chambray bows are just too cute.  Wild Clover is a shop that is all handmade and curated by my friend, Rachel and she has such a wonderful eye for understated by compelling design.

No 2 DIVINE – Grapefruit is one of my favorite scents and evergreen has to be a close second, so the two paired together are like a year-round treat.  The name of this beautiful soap says it all… Montauk smells like summer on the piney east coast.

No. 3 WORN STRIPES – I love all of the worn, blurry indigo patterns out there, but when piling on the pattern sometimes your eyes need a break.  I like how this striped bolster cushion is still worn and rustic, but the inherent structure of a stripe is easy to style and pair with other patterns.

No. 4 VINTAGE STEAL – A pair of vintage rattan side tables for just over $200?!  That is a steal!  you’d pay $100 each (easy) for brand new… but the sought-after aspect of a vintage piece is super valuable to me.

No. 5 MAIL IN HOSPITALITY – I recently learned about Bequest Studio (from aforementioned Wild Clover designer, Rachel) and thought these gorgeous gifting boxes were SPOT ON.  So many gift baskets are a little cheesy, but these are perfect.  I also think they’re a great price.  They might seem expensive at first glance, but think about the fact that you’d spend about $100 on a modest bouquet (that dies) then your friend is left with an ugly vase.  Plus, I think having someone else curate, mail, and take care of the nitty gritty is highly desirable.  The hostess gift box and the ‘Whale Hello There, Baby” deserve the heart eye emojis.


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