The List Week 22

the list header wk22 the list wk22

Whew, does anyone else feel like this short week was long on work?  I always feel that short weeks just mean that five days of work get crammed into 4, leaving me totally spent! I got myself a pool pass (woohoo!) and so this weekend I going to try to get some swimming in.  Everyone has said how much swimming helps with the back/hip pain during pregnancy, so I’m excited to don my new one-piece and goggles and hit the lanes.  What do you have on your weekend agenda?

The List Week 22

No. 1 BARGAIN BEAUTY – There are some beautiful watering cans out there and they go for big bucks… this understated, but cool, matte black watering can from Ikea is so pretty and is just $15.

No. 2 WALL ENVY – I like wall hangings, but find that most are a little too artsy for me.  I love that this beautiful woven wall art is more Moroccan than modern. It’s got a global folksy look to it, which I like!

No. 3 UMM…YES – Jacquelyn posted this amazing coconut popsicle recipe yesterday and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  I’m planning to make it tonight and possibly add in some chunks of chocolate too.

No. 4 FENCED IN – guys… this bronzed metal side table is perfection.  And it’s only $69.  Can we all have one? I think so.

No. 5 MAKE A STATEMENT – I just got this metal and bauble statement necklace and feel like it goes with everything.  It’s made even my jersey maternity dress seem quite pulled together and chic.

Have a wonderful summery weekend, friends!

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