The List Week 23

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Happy Friday, friends! How had your week been? Mind has been a mixture of hectic and exasperating mixed with hours of solitude while I was working on a few big projects.  There was a lot of hurrying up and waiting, do you know what I mean?

I started swimming this week and I’ll admit pretty terrible at it.  I learned to swim as a child, but mostly for survival, not for sport.  I’m not graceful at all and my lack of skills make me feel like a total loser.  Especially since a local navy squadron (not sure if that’s the right term) practices at our Ymca, so I’m literally whaling around with my giant belly next to a jacked guy cutting through the water and break neck speeds.  The super sexy maternity swim suit doesn’t help me feel any cooler.  Between the pregnancy, being new to swimming, and being a new member at the Y, I am the exact meaning of ‘fish out of water’.  Ok, enough about that.  Here are some beautiful things that struck my fancy this week.

The List Week 23

No. 1 STAMPED – I love block printed things.  It just reminds me of India, which is one of my favorite places I’ve visited. So much block printing is really ornate, but these black and white graphic napkins are subtle and modern.

No. 2 BEACH READY – Isn’t this the absolute perfect beach bag?  It’s something that you could schlepp to the pool, but carry around all day instead of a purse because it’s that cute.

No. 3 ADORABLE HERBS – Mini things always make me smile.  These mini planters are a week 4″ making them perfect for those little pots of herbs you get from the grocery store.

No. 4 SANDAL ALTERNATIVE – some situations aren’t quite sandal appropriate, but I feel like these hurache flats are summery and cool, but ok for the office.

No. 5 SO MUCH GOOD – guys!  This bent wood and cane coffee table is so cool!  I really love it and would buy it in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have one that I semi-like (sounds super convincing, right). I’m actually surprised how low the price is on it!

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