The List Week 24

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Happy Friday, Friend!  How has your week been?  Mine’s been good. We’ve gotten a lot done around the house, a lot of work done, and a fair amount of relaxing and vegging out in the evenings as well.  It has been an all-around good week!

We decided on the ‘express’ birthing class and are going for a few hours tonight and a few hours tomorrow morning to learn about what to expect during labor and delivery.  We were a little on the fence about taking the class at all, but I am so unaware of basically anything that will go down that day, that I thought I’d rather both Matt and I be going in with some idea of what to expect.  Even if all I walk away with is a knowledge of what the inside of the hospital looks like and where to go, that will be enough to take away some level of the unknown.  Tell me, did you take a class?  Was it helpful?

Aside from the birthing classes, I hope to hit up the Jazz festival that will be going on in my town.

Enough about that… I have some very pretty pieces making up The List this week!  Let’s jump in!

The List Week 24

No. 1 ELEVATED – I saw this wooden footed platter at Ikea and thought it was the cutest!  And it’s only $12!

No. 2 TEXTILE ART – I love shibori style textiles and using the textile patterns as art is such a gorgeous idea.  This beauty from Benson Cobb is just one of so many amazing pieces.

No. 3 BEAUTIFUL & VERSATILE – This squared leather pouf is a more structured and modern version of the traditional round moroccan poufs.  Plus, I think it could work as a coffee table with a tray and maybe a box for the remotes as well as for seating.  For the large size, it’s a decent price too! I can image this leather aging so beautifully.

No. 4 RUGS GOT STYLE – I’ve had a bit of a turn of events in my indigo rug situation (more on that next week…) but this zig zag cotton dhurrie with it’s funky pom trim is amazing, no?

No. 5 TEXTURED – I really like white ceramic vases and the textured ones always appeal to me.  They add character to even just a few sprigs of greenery.  I like to stick one big monstera leaf out of a textured white vase like this to make a minimal statement. In fact, my peonies from last week died, so now, I’m just left with exactly this white vase/monstera leaf scenario in my living room.

No. 6 SWEET SUMMER – a preppy, vintage looking straw bag is such a fun summer accessory.  Or one step better is a made-to-order straw handbag from portugal – and for under $70!

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If you missed it, we had some posts this week with a TON of info….

Join the 80 Days of Summer challenge!  We have people painting, doing yoga, learning a new language, learning to play the guitar, and cocktail mixing ( <- that one is like putting margarita salt in my wounds).  It’s not too late!  Just count 80 days out from when you start and join us on Insta!

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