The List Week 27

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Happy weekend friend!  Did you enjoy your short week? It’s been tough going getting back into the groove this week for me.  It’s hot, humid, and the dog days of summer are all around me which makes me just want to lounge around and go to the pool.

This weekend, I have a baby shower being thrown by the women in Matt’s family and I’m excited to enjoy the time with everyone celebrating the new little one!

In the meantime, I have some pretty stellar picks this week for The List! Let’s get to it!

The List Week 27

No. 1 LOADS OF TEXTURE – This blue and cream rug is perfect if you need a little color, but also a lot of great texture.  If I hadn’t of switched living room directions, this would be perfect!

No. 2 POM PERFECT – You guys know I love poms and a creamy, fluffy pom pillow is the perfect funky addition to a neutral palette.  This one is a little pricey because it’s from Argentinian sheep’s wool and is handwoven, but both of those things make it a keeping in my mind.

No. 3 INDIGO SQUARES – more indigo!  This dye effect indigo throw is resist dyed and is so pretty! I’ve had my eye out for a great indigo throw.

No. 4 BRIGHT EARTHENWARE – I’m not a huge fan of exposed bulbs, but I will make an exception for this handprinted earthenware lamp.  It’s not only beautiful, but since it’s petite, it would work awesome on a shelf or somewhere with a low clearance.

No. 5 RATTAN WONDERFUL – I shared a set of rattan tables very similar to this one a few weeks ago, but then also found this rattan bentwood ottoman stool and liked it so much as well.  Plus, I think the price is pretty good for a vintage piece!

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