The List Week 3

the list header wk3 the list wk 3

Happy Friday, friends.  This week has been brutal for me! What about you? It felt really long and really cold.  Some years, I question why I live in a cold weather state.  We’ve stayed in every night and just watched some tv, basically hibernating.  We finished watching ‘Making a Murderer’ and I’ve been digging into every article I can read about it.  Did you guys watch? Tell me your thoughts.

For this weeks’ list, we have some minimal, modern pieces that I’ve been eyeing.

The List Week 3

No. 1 STACKED – a very cool and pretty inexpensive way to get some minimal modernism in your life.  This tiered organizer (or server!) is made of metal and wood, so it seems like it’s a good quality too.

No. 2 FIELD OF TREESa pillow full of trees! I like how it’s kind of like an abstract pattern, but also natural.  AND it’s only 3.99.  Can you believe that?

No. 3 TOP OF THE WORLD – Similar to the pillow, I really love how this ‘top of the world’ art is natural photography, but it looks abstract and minimal, like a marbling design or something.

No. 4 COOL CARAFE – If you don’t use a coffee carafe for parties, you really should!  While hosting dinner parties, I typically make one pot, transfer to the carafe, then begin the 2nd pot. This metal with wood detail coffee carafe is pretty simple, but good looking!

No. 5 PUT YOUR FEET UP – I’ve been obsessing over this bentwood ottoman for the last month.  The prices for it are all over the board depending on it’s vintage status.  This one is pretty pricey, so I’ll keep my craigslist/ebay/etsy eyes open.

So, what’s been going on with you, tell me about your weekend plans.

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