The List Week 32

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It has really been wonderful for me this week to continue blogging.  Last week, we were on vacation in Michigan getting our fill of the dunes and the waves and I had a little bit of time to reflect on how I’d like to re-approach blogging.  I talked about this a little bit in Monday’s post, so I won’t go into detail here, but I absolutely love causing the internet to find the prettiest little things or sharing a product that works exceptionally well for me in real life (like the dress featured here…) All of this to say, I knew that The List would be my ease back into doing something regular.  I still have other content planned, but I just love putting these posts together for you.  It’s always a personal goal of mine to create a bit of a capsule of style.

Ok – the weekend!  I am ecstatic to have drinks tonight with one of my favorite friends who I haven’t seen in months.  Then I have a golf lesson and hopefully a bit of fun with the family.  What is on your weekend agenda?

The List Week 32

No. 1 CHIC CERAMIC – I love a good pitcher for a few reasons, but mainly because it is so simple to just pour some water into a pitcher for a sit-down dinner with friends, but for whatever reason, it’s not very common.  Also, beautiful pitchers have a certain pastoral feeling when filled with flowers.

No. 2 WALL WANDERLUST – I really like graphic black and white art and this shadowed city scene is a fun way to document where you’ve been.

No. 3 BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY – I’m a watch person.  I wear one everyday, but I also want it to go with my jewelry or my outfit.  This really beautifully modern watch is topping my wish list.

No. 4 UPDATED RETRO – Cool chairs are few and far between in my house.  I’d love to update the table with a couple of unique chairs like this retro shaped chair from West Elm to go on either end.

No. 5 THE BEST – I have this frilly sleeved dress in 2 colors and wear one at least weekly to work.  It’s really flattering and super cool and under $50.


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