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the list header wk4

the list wk 4

Guuuuuuuys.  I felt like Friday would never get here! It’s been a long and frigidly cold week over here.  I’ve been looking at real estate basically anywhere warm just to try and heat myself up from the inside out.  I’ve been living off of Amazon Prime and just ordering anything I need instead of leaving the house, which is quite unusual for me.  I’m a very ‘in-person’ kind of shopper typically.  I like to see and touch things before I buy.  It’s supposed to be moderately warm (36) and sunny on Sunday, so I might venture out for a mani/pedi.  What is on your weekend agenda?

The List Week 4

No. 1 PRETTY PLEASE – These are just the prettiest awning striped napkins.  A classic stripe, in a worn, but still current chambray.  They would look gorgeous on a table now, in the spring, or in the summer.  I’m thinking of splurging on a set of 8.

No. 2 JUST RIGHT – I love a good cross-body and I especially love the retro, 70’s charm of this classic leather saddle bag.  Plus, they’re made by women who are overcoming difficulty in Ethiopia. I also really like the bucket bag too… ah decisions, decisions!

No. 3 FORM & FUNCTION – How beautiful is this ceramic pitcher? It would make a fabulous vase, look wonderful in some open shelving and also (of course) work as a really stylish pitcher for serving cocktails (or whatever).

No. 4 RETRO CLASSIC – I think rattan is such a beautiful splash of retro for basically any style.  It can go really classic, really preppy, modern, or laid back casual – all depending what it’s surrounded by or styled with.  I’m thinking about doing an entire post just on rattan.  This bar cart is petite, so it doesn’t overwhelm, but is still huge on style.

No. 5 PAPERED – Although I love so many of the gorgeous wallpapers out there, I always wuss out when it comes to actually pulling the trigger on one.  This raised dot large scale geo design from Ballard, though, has me all heart-eye-emoji. I’m thinking my bar might need a makeover.  If my Matty’s reading this, he’s definitely getting hives about now.

Have a great one out there, friends!