The List Week 44



Guys, it’s week 44.  Do you know what that means?  Seven weeks until Christmas is what that means.  Since I got to fall a little late this year, I feel like it isn’t time for the holiday season yet.  But then every time I am in a store that has Christmas decor, I get a little nagging holiday spirit building up in the back of my brain.  Have you felt the same?

The List Week 44

No. 1 INSTANT CENTERPIECE – Imagine a trio of these gorgeous brass and glass candleholders down the center of a long table with fall foliage for Thanksgiving, then later winter greenery… I think it’s a fabulous idea and since I think I’ll be hosting a meal for both holidays, I feel like the price is probably worth it.  Plus, I can separate the candles throughout my open shelving for the rest of the year.

No. 2 ALL THE RIGHT COLORS – I saw this neutral mash-up scarf and immediately thought of how versatile it would be this fall and winter.  I mix black/camel/gray in pretty much every outfit I wear and this scarf would really pull it all together.

No. 3 PLUS ONE – I don’t think I really need to describe what I like about this double cross lumbar pillow.  It’s wooly and cozy, but with a modern pattern.  It could go with rustic decor, mid-century, or anything!

No. 4 ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR YOU – I’m already getting in the gifting spirit!  These gold gem bottle stoppers would make cute gifts – just buy the set and gift individually (of course keeping one for yourself).

No. 5 CAMEL COCOON – Doesn’t this turtleneck sweater just look like cozy incarnate? I love the oversized shape and camel color (which I’m wearing a lot of with burgundy this fall!).

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