The List Week 48

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I cannot believe it’s December! Can you?  Although it’s come so quick, it is welcome.  We’ve had a kind of crazy year and I am really really ready to just settle down a little bit, take a breather, and soak in some quiet time around the fire.

This weekend, I am hosting Friendsgiving! We’ve spent the last few days cleaning and preparing for our 13 guests! Since the house was a bit of a wreak due to the kitchen renovations, it’s been all sawdust and tools covering our dining table for the last two months. But last night we cranked up the tunes and really got all of the cleaning knocked out.  Today, we’ll set up the Christmas tree, brine a turkey, and finish the necessary shopping (and I might sneak some Christmas shopping in!).  What is on your weekend agenda?

The List Week 48

No. 1 BLESS OUR HOME – I am not usually a fan of homey sayings, but I thought this stainless steel ‘Bless Our Home’ Tray was elegant and pretty… and would make a great gift at only $34…

No. 2 STIR IT UP – I love a good cocktail accessory and these brass geo stirrers are quite cute!  Another good gift idea (I hope you’re taking notes!).

No. 3 FAUX FIR – I’ve had lots of questions about my tabletop Christmas tree from Wednesday’s post and I am happy to report that it also was a steal at just $15 from Ikea.  It looks shockingly real in person (as long as you cover the stump with some creatively draped fabric!

No. 4 PATTERN PRETTY – Everyone loves a good throw pillow.  This black and white lumbar cushion with a small geo pattern would go well with other larger patterns and solid textures… my kind of cushion! And, for $88 it’s quite large at 15″ x 35″.

No. 5 LISTEN TO THAT FIREPLACE ROAR – We don’t have a wood burning fireplace, but I always love the look of some well placed logs!  This firewood carrier is quite cute and sturdy looking too!

Have a great one, friend!

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