The List Week 44

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the list wk44

It’s FRIDAY! Are you excited?  It’s been a jam packed week over here, but such a great one too.  Some projects were completed with others just launching, so it was a wonderfully fulfilling week.  Of the projects that are complete, I have spent the last 6 months working behind the scenes in web development and social media on a local mayoral campaign and I’m happy to say that my candidate WON, so I am finally relaxing a bit. That was a load of stress that is hard to describe and I wasn’t even the one running for office!

Of the new projects, I am launching a new e-course for people who want to design their own product lines and the big kick-off for the launch is today! Head over here to get my new video, The 10 Step Product Line Jumpstart.  It’s geared toward creatives who have always wanted to design/launch a product but just don’t know where to start.

Ok, onto this week’s list!

The List Week 44

No. 1 HANDMADE BRILLIANCE – It’s hard to describe how beautiful the tiles are from Fireclay.  I’ve got a big soft spot for this star and cross design in a deep chalky gray and the hand painted styles are NOT to be missed.

No. 2 PAY IT FORWARD – I received the sweetest tea towel in the mail this week from my friend Kelly.  I got to reading the attached tag and realized that it was a style she herself had designed for FashionABLE, a brand devoted to empowering women through creating jobs locally and around the world.  Read up on the brand and get Kelly’s towels here!

No. 3 LEATHER POWER – this leather bound mirror is so pretty!  I love leather anything, so I was drawn to the simplicity and the warmth of this piece.

No. 4 I’VE GOT A PROBLEM – I love buying mugs.  My mug cupboard overfloweth, however.  These stoneware beauties from Crate & Barrel actually have me considering getting rid of some old ones so that I can buy these!

No. 5 REPLACEMENTS – I lost my little garden snippers like a year ago and still haven’t surrendered to the fact that they’re really lost.  I just need to get over it and get some new ones.  I love this adorable little twine and scissor bundle from (local Ohio!) shop Frog Goes to Market.


Other bits of amazing…

Around here:

Kale, Sausage and White Bean Stew

Gold Octagon Name Card Holders

Around the web:

Movie Night!

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