The List Week 44

the list header wk44 the list wk 44

I am so happy it’s Friday… but more than that, I’m so happy that election day is Tuesday. I know this sounds super strange, but I’ve been volunteering on a local Mayoral campaign team and it’s been…intense. Mark my word, I’ll never run for public office.  Ever.

Ok, now that that rant is over. How was your week?  Mine was full of work.  Packing and shipping orders, creating a new shop site (which isn’t live yet), and working out.  I’ve got to get ready for our trip to the caribbean in December!  Today we’re headed to Chicago for my brother-in-law’s birthday and I’m excited because it’s a costume party!  I will show picks on Insta, but warning… my costume will look oddly familiar.

Today’s list is rather black and white, but as I look down at my outfit, it’s also all B&W… so maybe I’m just having an anti-color moment.

The List Week 44

No. 1 CASUAL SNEAK – I used to hate wearing sneakers, but I’m warming up to them.  These cool kicks top my list.

No. 2 SIMPLY COOL – I love how simple and minimal this lamp is. And the price isn’t half bad either.

No. 3 I MUST GO – It’s strange how as soon as the weather cools off I start dreaming of the mountains.  We just booked a February ski trip, so I’ll have to wait a bit, but I’ll be surrounded by the rockies before too long. This mug has topped my favorites list for a while now.

No. 4 MAD PLAID – This plaid pillow has a fuzzy cozy quality that I just adore.  I think my couch needs it.  (I just talked in last week’s faves about my need for some new throw pillows!).

No. 5 KIND WELCOME – Adorne your door with a cute and understated door mat this holiday season.  Let everyone know that they’re both welcome and will be missed.


Have a great one guys!  I’m of to Chi-town!

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