The List Week 43

the list header wk43 the list wk43

Are you guys happy it’s Friday?  I am… although I have a lot more to do tonight until I get to kick back!  It’s been a full week with meetings and my big workshop, which means we’ve had a lot of crockpot meals.  Aren’t they they best when you’re so busy?

This weekend, we’re headed to go see my grandparents and celebrate their 60th (!!) wedding anniversary plus my grandfathers 80th birthday. They’re such amazingly loving, hardworking people and I’m excited to spend the day with them. My grandmother actually reads this blog, comments all the time, and gets involved with the topics I share. I’m always blown away by her tech savvy ways.

Anyway, onto the list!

The List Week 43

No. 1 MARBLE & MORE – I am always so happy for emerging designers who take the plunge and open their own shops.  (that’s actually what my workshop is all about!!)  Savannah Hayes has been a long-time Earnest Home co reader and I was thrilled when she launched her shop this month.  It’s filled with marble goodies and loads of beautiful textiles in her original patterns. Go check it out!!

No. 2 WASHED OUT – This traditional yet eclectic rug is beautiful for it’s toned down qualities and it is becoming a contender for the kitchen rug that I need to purchase.

No. 3 SOLID SEATING – I just love a good side table/stool don’t you?  The simplicity and warmth of this reclaimed wood hourglass stool is quite cute!

No. 4 TINY SPECKLED TREASURE – Who doesn’t love little containers to put things in?  I know that is so general, but it is so true.  I remember a little rant my dad went on one time when I was young about how I wanted so many containers and then I wanted stuff to put in all my containers.  An organizer from a young age! Anyway, this adorable little ceramic speckled pot could be used for just about anything (small, that is).

No. 5 PILLOW TALK – I was just evaluating my living room this week and came to the conclusion that I need some new pillows.  Mine are years old and smushed in all the wrong ways.  I like the new pieces by Lenny Kravitz for CB2 and this earthy hued geo pillow is calling my name!


Have a great one, guys!

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