The List Week 40

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Happy weekend! It’s felt very long for me, what about you? Fall is creeping into the air over here and I’m excited to revel in the autumnal feelings over here.  I have a yoga class tomorrow morning, then plan on trekking up to some fall flea markets.  Tomorrow evening we have dinner out with some friends and Sunday I plan on relaxing and finishing my current book.  What is on your agenda this lovely first weekend of October?

Here are some current goodies that are catching my eye…

The List Week 40

No. 1 ALL MINE – I love this copper cube candleholder for my fall table! AND it’s only $20!  Can you believe it?

No. 2 SOFT STRIPES – soft indigo striping is one of my favorite things. These linen coasters are pretty high on my wish list right now for fall entertaining.

No. 3 BETTER THAN BEFORE – So, I shared a few rug selections with you guys last week, and one of our readers, Barb, actually introduced me to another source that is AH-mazing.  The prices are great, the selection is never ending and they have free shipping.  If you guys haven’t checked out esale rugs, do it now and you can thank Barb later.

No. 4 DID YOU HEAR? – Did you hear that you’re amazing?  And you can do this?  If you need a little pick-me-up, go ahead and click over to the pep talk generator. You’re welcome.

No. 5 A QUICK FIND – I like having a keychain that is easy to fish for in my purse, but I don’t love giant, obnoxious baubles that take UP the whole purse.  This tassel key fob by Spring Finn & co is perfect.  The long tassels would make it easy to grab & find while it is’t too big.

Enjoy these little bits of the internet and have a great weekend, guys!

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