The List Week 39

the list header wk39 the list wk39

Hi Friends, it’s Friday and I’m considering myself back in action.  I spent the week under-the-weather with an illness I haven’t yet decided if I’ll share or not.  We’ll see. The good news is that I’m cleared for normal activity which is going to include happy hour tonight and a return to a normal work schedule and working out on Monday.  And maybe some brunch and some fall activities this weekend.  What is on your weekend agenda?

As it turns out, being stuck in bed has it’s perks.  I’ve found some pretty amazing little treats on the web this week.  One that is unpictured is this beauty that I bought immediately.  I mean, under $20 for something so cute?

The List Week 39

No. 1 INDIGO GLORIOUS – These series of indigo cushions at Wisteria are so pretty!  I want to buy all the patterns.

No. 2 COZY FALL – Don’t you just want to cocoon yourself up in this chunky blanket? It’s undyed, organic sheep wool and looks like one of those pieces that would last you forever.  I feel like quality hand woven afghans are a lost art and everyone needs one in their living room.

No. 3 POP A SEAT – I’ve posted a few different iterations of this stool ranging from quite pricy to downright bargain.  This fold out leather camp stool has a retro brass frame and is a deal at $129.  I’m thinking a pair in an entry way would be amazing.

No. 4 FRESH RETROThis lamp!  That’s all I have to say. It’s pretty and cool. I’m a little envious of you California peeps to get to buy it since stock for the rest of the country looks to be sold out (frown face).

No. 5 CLASSIC FOR COCKTAILS – I have this thing with buying paper cocktail napkins. I only pick up the coolest, typically with no words.  These faux weave printed cocktail napkins are so cheap, so I might grab a few packs to get me through the fall and winter.

Have a wonderful weekend out there, friend!


p.s.  gorgeous drapes aren’t just for windows!  Check out my post on dreamy drapes for beds – click here.

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