The List Week 6

the list header wk6 the list wk 6

It’s been quite a week over here, we’ve been under the weather and I’ve probably missed more days of work than I can remember ever missing.  This morning, I’m gathering some of the random favorites that I came across this week as I was surfing the web from bed.  Hopefully by next week (after a lot of sleep this weekend) I’ll be feeling 100% again.

In the meantimes, I still want you guys to shop it up for me!

The List Week 6

No. 1 WINTER GREENS – After all the drabness that comes with the winter, I feel like I could really use some green in my life.  Matt brought me some flowers today, but I am also thinking about this palm inspired print from Lila + Lola.

No. 2 CLEAN BERRIES – I got this adorable little stoneware colander from Target and am loving how it looks with lemons on my island and how it works to gently clean delicate berries.

No. 3 KITCHEN NEUTRALITY – I am so color adverse that I can’t even buy colorful hand towels for my kitchen.  It’s reached problem status.  I typically use my own designs from the shop, but, now pretty is this neutral tea towel!

No. 4 ROSEWATER CURE – I’ve heard wonderful things about the refreshing nature of this rosewater spray from Fig & Yarrow.  With how dry my face has been this winter, I’m tempted to give it a try. Have any of you tried complexion sprays?

No. 5 BIG BRAIDS – I really love the texture of this giant braid pillow.  Wouldn’t it go with anything? It’s pretty pricey, though… maybe a DIY?

Ok, I’m headed back to bed now!  See you on Monday!

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