The List Week 35

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Guys, fall is in the air… do you smell it? It feels kind of like we never had a summer here in Ohio, but if it means we get a longer fall, than I’m game!

This week was a mixture of busy & slow.  Our internet was out here and there which forced me to do non-computer work, like cleaning my office or shopping for tonight’s event. It was a nice balance!

I’m off to start prepping food for tonight’s Marriage is Funny event that I’m co-hosting!  We’re doing a Mediterranean spread and I’m excited to style it all!

The List Week 35

No. 1 Geo Gem – this geometric wreath is perfect for the entire year!  Imagine sticking some little seasonal flourish into the frame as the months change! It’s a little pricey, but with the $50+ you could easily spend each season for a new (nice) wreath, it might end up being the economical choice.

No. 2 Enamel-ly Awesome – could this pendant be anymore gorgeous!  I absolutely love that it’s covered in white enamel which gives it a bit of a victorian industrial vibe which I try to capture in my house.  I think it’s going to the short list for our kitchen re-vamp.

No. 3 Tassel Time – I am not a huge earring person, but I like a statement earring for fun nights out.  Anything with tassels is A-ok in my book and these graphite colored leather tassel earrings are calling my name!

No. 4 Texture Heaven – I love textures much more than pattern when trying to add character to a room.  Sometimes for a room to feel cozy and brought together, you need a good dose of texture. This ‘textura’ rug is a perfect mix of pattern and texture to help any room feel complete.

No. 5 Let’s Talk – Victoria is the master of collecting stats and then presenting them in fun, easy to digest ways.  She’s currently doing a survey on personal finances, and I cannot wait to see the results (go over and take the survey in the meantime, so she can get some serious data!). Piggy bank from Z.Gallerie.


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What do YOU have going on this weekend?  I want to know what you’re up to!

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