The List Week 33

the list header wk33 the list wk33

Happy Friday, Friend!  I’ve been doing some volunteer work building a website for my local Mayoral candidate, and everything I’ve been seeing the last few days has been red, white, or blue, so I clearly was drawn to the color-less today! After I put these together I look at everything and thought, “whoa, I was on color overload this week and needed a break!”

This weekend is going to be full of nose-to-the-gridstone work for me.  My other business, helping indie designers create product lines, has a big milestone next week in that we’re having our first ever live broadcast webinar (something I’m totally new to) and this weekend I’ll be preparing the content that I’ll be teaching.

No more talk of work, though!  On to the LIST!

The List Wk 33

No. 1 OLD MEETS NEW: This marble and matte black lamp is so so lovely.  I saw it on pinterest and was impressed when I saw it was from West Elm.  I thought it was going to be one of those lighting sites where things are like $400 for a candle sconce.  Even though it’s a desk lamp style, I think this would be most perfect taking center stage beside some amazing art on an entry table or console in your main living area.

No. 2 PRETTY + PUNK: Ummm…. I’m obsessed with these earrings.  I’m buying them today and wearing them forever.

No. 3 TOTALLY COOL: This cooler diy by creative maven, Molly, is totally up my alley.  Matt’s ugly lunch cooler is getting the royal treatment this weekend.

No. 4 B+W AT IT’S BEST: Sometimes black and white can be so stark, but this Sula mirror with it’s texture, worn wood, and geometric pieces is warm and intriguing. Sure, it’s $998, but it’s giant at almost 5 feet tall!  Make a statement in any room with this guy.

No. 5 MORE MINIS (please): Guys, I have a problem, keep me away from the mini bowls!! Just kidding, let me buy these slip porcelain faceted mini bowls first! At just $12 each, they’re affordable art in bowl form!



Another epic tale in the Farmhouse Files

My guilty pleasure

No-cricut-needed geometric glassware

Bachelor Pad Bedroom Before & After


p.s.  If you or anyone you know has always dreamed of starting a product line, please check out  I’m hosting a live webinar next week (sign up here) to talk about creating your own line and this week on the blog in celebration of the webinar, I’ve been counting down the top 10 ways to get started TODAY with your own line. This is something readers, blog colleagues, and friends have been asking me for, and I decided it was time to give the people what they want!

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