The List Week 28

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the list wk 28

Happy Friday, Friends!! I am elbow deep in flowers today for a big wedding and I am having so much fun with it!  I’m creating a eucalyptus garland this morning and 26 (!!) long wooden flower boxes for tuscan tables later.  I’ve enlisted my sister and mom to help so that I can get away tonight for my sister’s 30th birthday dinner.

This week, a few beautiful and wonderful things caught my eye…

The List Week 28

TRAY CHIC:  I did a post on Wednesday about using a tray for a coffee station (which I have in full effect for operation floral design today) and while I was working on the post, I found this rustic wooden tray and fell in love with it.  It’s on it’s way to my house as we speak.

A YEAR WITHOUT SHOPPING: I read an article in Forbes this week about a girl who went a year without any shopping…. ANY… not even take-out food or coffee. She managed so save so much money in that year that she paid off her student loans.  It’s an interesting read. (calendar from Paper Source)

KITCHEN ENVY:  My kitchen needs a little sprucing up… it already has subway tile and black cupboards, so I’m thinking just a wooden countertop and some pretty gold hardware is all it would take… and maybe a coat of paint.  I saw this kitchen and it’s really topping my list of kitchens I love, giving me a little extra confidence to give mine a boost… more on this soon!

SUMMER SMELL: I always buy Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day dish soap and this week, I just opened up the Lemon Verbena and every single time I do dishes I think about how much I love the smell.  It’s the little things, right?

CAN YOU CANVA?: If you haven’t heard of Canva, you’re going to love me today.  It’s a wonderful program to help you design anything from social media posts to letterheads, flyers, anything.  It’s so fun to play with and I find myself using it for a bunch of random things.  I had a friend design a whole e-book with it. Definitely spend some time with it this weekend!


Have a fabulous weekend, guys!  See you back here on Monday with another episode in our Farmhouse Files! Get excited!

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