The List Week 26

the list header wk26

the list wk26

Is it Friday, already?  AND the 26th week of the year?  That means we’re exactly halfway through!

When I was trying to think back on what I did this week, my mind basically came up blank… it just went a little to quick for comfort over here.  I worked on an interior design project across town (photos to share soon) and we have a big summer outdoor party planned tonight. BUT it’s raining cats and dogs, so I’m not quite sure what to do about it. The next three weekends are booked with out-of-town trips and weddings, so there really isn’t a good alternate time to have the party for the entire next month. It’s been one of the rainiest summers here in Ohio and I’m a little irritated about it.  We haven’t had the Friday happy hours or walks in the park that we usually do. I suppose I haven’t had to water the garden, though!  I took one of those silly Facebook quizzes this morning that told me I should live in California… maybe I should consider this piece of advice.

I have a few fun tid-bits to share this week!

The List Week 26

No. 1 DEATH TO THE STOCK PHOTO – My friend, Allie started this company, DTTSP, and if you don’t know about it, you are missing out.  Stock photos are notoriously terrible and she and her partner David fix all this by offering cool, lifestyle type images for business, blogging, or personal use.  I know so many people who use it and I always find myself going to it for projects on and off this blog.  Oh, and I still need a pair of clogs in my life. death to the stock photo – free for monthly bundle, $10/mo for premium membership.

No. 2 GIRLS FIRST TAGINE – for the party that is tentatively scheduled for tonight, I am doing a Moroccan theme!  I bought this tagine to cook the lamb stew in and also to look beautiful on the table.  I had always wanted a tagine and I am so excited to explore the recipes I can make with it!  Do you own one?  Do you have any must-try recipes?

No. 3 CUP O’ SURPRISE – I usually hate info graphics, but this one all about coffee was super interesting and taught me a lot that I didn’t know!  Also, while at Ikea earlier this week getting things for the aforementioned interior design project, and realized that these 365+ mugs are really the perfect size, shape, and handle configuration.  When growing up, my mom had this ‘thing’ about finding the perfect coffee mug… comfortable handle, holds enough coffee, but not too much that it gets cold.  So now, I’m always on the lookout for the ‘perfect’ mug.

No. 4 BEAUTY UNDERFOOT – Nothing too much more than I just really like this rug.  I might take some color inspiration from it for upcoming decor projects around my house.

No. 5 LAUGH ‘TIL YOU CRY – Did you ever have a hamster growing up?  I had one named oliver and I really didn’t like him at all.  He was pretty mean! Anywho, if you had one (or not) you will still find this GIF of a girl ‘playing’ with her hamster hilarious. I am still laughing about it.


Don’t forget!! On MONDAY we’re giving a progress report on our summer #earnestchallenges!  Are you ready?  You have a few days this weekend to dive in… it’s only the first of four updates, so you’re cool if you’re just starting!


Have a great weekend, guys!



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