The List Week 23

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the list wk23

Happy Friday, guys!  Are you as glad about the weekend as I am?  This week has been… a lot. Do you ever feel like you’re doing so much, but nothing really gets done? That is how I feel.  I’ve been working like crazy, but am still so behind.  My laundry from the trip still isn’t done (insert emoji with shocked face here).  This weekend, I want to catch up.  Do my laundry, tidy the house, and do some of the projects I keep putting on the back burner. I’m going to stick as close to home as possible.

What is in the cards for your weekends?  I’d love to hear!

The List Week 23

SUMMER STRIPES – I ordered this dress from Loft after reading some of the wonderful reviews.  Is it just me, or has Loft been super on-point recently?

MUST SEE IN MI – I love the store Huzza, so I was excited to see this house tour with the shops creators this week on The Fresh Exchange.  The house is jaw droppingly wonderful.

IN LOVE – I really don’t have words for all of the stunning tile from Fireclay tile.  Of course, I’m drawn to the neutrals and love how interesting each design is.  With the two bathrooms and kitchen we’re getting ready to renovate next door, I keep thinking of this tile, but know it’s probably a not the best choice for a rental property. I’ll have to save my ideas for my one-day home.

BEACHY FEELINGS – As we sit here this morning, I’m burning a cabana scented candle from ‘wick.  It’s making me really feel the beachy vibes and feeling like I should start happy hour early today…

COVER TO COVER – I love boho decor and especially love the modern spin that Justina puts on it in her book The New Bohemians. I can’t wait to spend a little time this weekend devouring it cover to cover.


Have a great one, guys!

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