The List Week 20

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the list wk20

It’s been a quite a week around here!  First, we had a wonderful Mother’s day and had a cookout with both Matt’s parents and mine. Secondly, we celebrated our Grandmother’s 95th (!!) birthday.  If you read last week’s list, you know that she is in the hospital and we’re working on some long term options for her since Matt and I aren’t able to care for her anymore in her current situation. If anyone has dealt with finding nursing homes for someone they love, you know how much it sucks, but sometimes it’s just necessary. The rest of the week I chauffeured Matt to and from work since he was still recovering from eye surgery and in between driving Miss Daisy, I really dug into work. I am almost ready to share a new project I’m working on which has literally nothing to do with this space.

This weekend is going to be all about FUN!  Today, I’m headed out to the Springfield annual flea market with a friend and I’m eager to see what I find…  Follow along on Insta for peeks! Then, tomorrow night, we’re going to see TV on the Radio.  Saturday, I’m having a party at the house (which will be on the blog next week!).  Sunday, I’m helping Matt’s mom and her new husband plan their honeymoon to Paris.  Jam packed, but all fun stuff.

What’s on your agenda?

This weeks LIST!

SCENT SAMPLER – I love travel candles because I don’t have to commit to a big candle if I am unsure about a scent.  I heard about these mini Simple Curated beauties from Victoria and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

SITTING PRETTY – I love the natural bamboo style chairs that are everywhere right now and am thinking about this guy for my house since the price is perfect and the style is spot on.

PALM CHIC – Isn’t this clutch the perfect summer statement?  I can see it paired with my black jumpsuit and gold accessories.

PITCH PERFECT – Has anyone seen it yet?!  I cannot wait to get to the theater to see it asap.  I loved the first one and listen to the soundtrack on repeat.  I’ve got a pretty jam packed weekend, but sunday afternoon is looking like a contender. picture source

BRUNCHING – My friends Kelly and Ashley put together the most gorgeous brunch, you’ve got to see every last detail (especially the “avocado” donuts)!


Have a great weekend, Friends!

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