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Hello Friends!  Welcome to a little peek of my first column that will carry over into the new space!  I know people love the ‘friday faves’ but I felt like I wanted to share more from what’s piquing my interest during the week, more so than just shopping picks.  The List will be a gathering of the little things that I encounter and stash in my memory bank throughout the week. It might be a DIY I like from another site, maybe a room I love, maybe just a haircut I want (clearly). Also, you’ll hopefully be comforted that similar posts will still be shared on the new site.

Side note:  I am so sorry to continue being cryptic about it!  We are ironing out some details this week/end and next week I’ll be sharing a sneak peek of the branding, the new URL and all of the new social handles.  In the meantime, let’s enjoy these last couple of weeks on my baby, House of Earnest.

The List no. 1

PRETTY PERFECT: Today I am getting my hair cut!  This photo is the favorite of the group, but you can see all of my short wavy bob inspiration here. I will probably also keep my ombre. I am still a pretty big fan of ombre for the self employed (less frequent colorings!!) Expect a selfie promptly upon completion. Another side note & ridiculous story about my life: I used to have serious anxiety about getting my hair cut. My mother is a hairdresser and cut my hair my whole life, and in high school I worked at one of the best salons in the city and always had crazy talented people cutting my hair.  When I went to college 6 hours away, I tried out a new person who gave me ‘the Rachel’ just about 10 years late. I cried so hard, that when I called my mom she thought I’d been in a car accident.  Nope, just a botch job of a hair cut.  Anyway, I didn’t cut my hair again for 3 years until I found Stephanie. The first time she cut my hair I had to take small breaks to quell the nauseousness and shortness of breath (seriously).  After a whopping 8 years of her cutting my hair, I think my anxiety is mostly cured and plus I have pretty hair.  Thanks, Steph!

COZY & MARLED: On an impulse yesterday, I bought a sock loom.  I am actually pretty excited to see how it works and make myself some cozy and marled masterpieces (hopefully).  I’ll keep you all in the loop (haha).

UPDATED CLASSIC: Ever since the theft last year, I have been looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses to replace my favorite Prada pair that was lifted. They were a very stylistic take on the classic wayfarer.  This style from Rowley Eyewear might be perfect.  Lucky for me, then have free shipping & 30 day returns so I can find out with little risk.

ALL THE RIGHT DETAILS: The Cooper stool pretty much sums up my esthetic. It’s a little bit of a throwback to campaign style while having an updated modern shape.  I love the veg tanned leather and tiny gold studs. It’s a huge inspiration for some of my upcoming spring/summer designs.

ME TIME: So, tomorrow is my birthday (Eee!) and I am hoping to spend a little bit of it reading 10% Happier by Dan Harris.  I’ve heard great things and look forward to the ‘Erin time’ during which I’ll get to consume it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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