The List wk 10

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the list wk10

Happy Friday guys!  I hope your weeks went well? Mine was a little stressful and tight, but I made it.  I am crazy excited because I start B-School on Monday… I am not sure what to expect, but I just need to learn more about marketing my brand and lighting a fire under my goals. I have already met some amazing people.  Have you heard of our completed B-School?  I’d love to hear about your experience if so!

Today’s LIST includes a few fun articles and things that have been on my mind this week.

THE PERFECT BUCKET: Bucket bags are big this spring, and this particular style from Madewell has caught my eye… but then again, everything at Madewell catches my eye these days.

ALL ABOUT THAT BASS: If you thought guys were just driven by desire, think again, this article argues that there is a scientific reason why men love larger booties.  I think we have to take this as truth, I mean, It’s science.

EMOJIS FOR EVERYONE: Last week in the newest IOS update, they introduced updated emojis with various hair colors, skin tones, and more.  My most commonly used emojis are the red wine glass and the ‘see-no-evil’ monkey, so I don’t think that will change much with the update.  What is your most used?

FRESH SCENT: These candles from Wildfolk are so pretty and the scents look amazing.  I am grabbing the Lemon Myrtle one for an herby spring smell.

CULTURAL PREP: I’ve been chatting with a native Italian speaker (Hi Elisa!) to practice for my upcoming trip, and just generally because I want to learn Italian, but I’m trying to dig deep into some cultural but light and roamy things to do in Paris and Rome.  So far all I have on my agenda is eating and drinking and seeing old buildings. I have decided to put a visit to Shakespeare and Company on the agenda, but have you any other suggestions?


Have a great weekend!

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