The List wk. 6

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the list wk6

Happy Friday, Friends!  Usually my weeks just fly by, but this one seemed to last a little longer.  Probably because I was working so hard on the office and because Matt was gone, which makes things drag a little. I am really excited to relax a bit this weekend and definitely need a Netflix show to binge watch under a warm blanket.  Any suggestions?  I have picked up a lot of little favorites this week, here are just a few!

The List wk. 6

COVER STORY: I always cycle through different spotify playlists, but this week the Acoustic Covers list has been playing on repeat.  My two favorites from the playlist have been Joanna Wang’s (pictured above) rendition of Wild World and Willie Nelson’s version of Just Breathe.

BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT:  While I was in Utah for Alt Summit, I met Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press and although I’d always loved her work, it was so wonderful getting to know her a little bit (like the name of her company is from time spent in Columbus!!).  Then this week, I received the sweetest note and package from Eva with a ton of her beautiful art cards.  Aren’t they stunning?

AMAZING TECH:  Also while in Utah, we always meet so many start-up companies from creatives and I was most impressed by this amazing new app called Hive.  It’s an app that syncs & controls electronics in the home (like your baby monitor, existing security system and your Nest…) but what I was most excited about was the whole home speaker system.  After our holiday party when I was trying to use multiple bluetooth speakers all controlled by different iPhones in the different rooms, this seemed like a dream.  They are small speakers that plug into an outlet. You can use them in multiple rooms and they all play music from you phone via bluetooth.  You can either play the same song on all speakers OR different ones.  I don’t know why my mind was so blown by this, but we’re getting it asap.  Oh, it also has an intercom system… “Matt, I need wine upstairs, please”  Go ahead and watch their kickstarter videos and tell me you’re not impressed!

LIP SERVICE:  Edible gold?  Yes, please!  Ashley of Sugar and Cloth created this adorable lip printed mugs with edible gold… so, no need to permanently dye your best mugs for a special occasion.

HEART & COZY: I recently met Kim, the dynamic and amazing shop owner of Design Life Kids.  I checked out her shop immediately and even though I don’t have children, I found myself wanting pretty much everything in her store, including this cozy heart knit blanket.  So chic, no?


Have a fabulous weekend!

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