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the list wk7

Happy Friday, guys!  The week flew by for me, so I’m not really ready for the weekend yet, to be honest!  I still have a ton of things on the list for this week, so let’s hope today is productive so that I will feel relaxed throughout the weekend.  Today, I’m restocking some local boutiques with our designs, helping my sister-in-law prepare for a baby shower, and having valentines day dinner with my husband’s whole family.  I am actually so excited about next week because I have the office reveal (!), a first look at some of our spring prototypes, as well as a fun new project that I made and I am eager to share the technique with you all.  This week, there were a few things that I was carried away by…

The List week 7

SIMPLY COOL:  I was on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone and happened upon this darling ‘Y’ shaped necklace. It’s simple, delicate, but still cool.   If you pop over to the shop, you’ll get a zoomed in view, but I fell in love with it.  So much so that I also bought one for myself. One for you, one for me! I’ll  be posting a photo later on Insta!

V-DAY OR BUST:  Most of what is popular for Valentines day isn’t my jam.  I can’t even tell you the last time we did anything to celebrate.  In college, Matt actually gave me a pocket knife one year for V-day, which was totally random and made me like him even more for being so oblivious to how strange that was.  I was laughing at some of these very bad v-day experiences and feeling grateful that I’ve never had anything that bad happen – even though getting a knife for a gift could have gone wrong quite easily!  Tell me, do you celebrate the holiday? What do you usually do?

FRESH FIND: Why is everything Nate Berkus does for Target so on-point? I love the current collection (surprise, surprise) and especially think I’m going to grab this tassel pillow… or I might just end up attaching tassels to something I own.  It’s a toss up… haha (I literally laughed at myself while I was typing that).

LET’S CHAT:  This week, I really up’ed the ante on my italian.  I’ve been doing close to an hour and a half each day of lessons.  I have come across two roadblocks, however.  First, for the obvious reasons of practicing my speech with a native/fluent speaker, but also because there are grammatical things I encounter that I don’t understand why something is said this way or that way and I need to ask a human.  For instance – Potere vs Sapere? Or Sono vs Sto? I am reaching out to you guys because I’d LOVE to find someone who speaks italian fluently who can be my ‘chat’ buddy.  Maybe to Skype once a week or every other week and generally be a mentor? If any of you would be interested, shoot me an email! The adorable Italian take on ‘Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers’ – Oh Cara, cerchiamo di essere avventurieri-  is by Dovetail Goods.

STILL WINTER: It’s going to be winter for a while.  I woke up this morning to a white-out.  Even though it’s NYFW and people are releasing all of their spring collections, I still am going to need some good sweaters in my life for at least the next two months.  I love how Lou & Grey’s spring collection is very approachable and warm looking.  Especially this sweet sweater with darling details.

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