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So, it’s a little mean to post a predominately Friday column on a Thursday, but I’ll assure you, it is actually not Friday yet.  We are doing our office reveal tomorrow, so I’m posting The List today! I am pretty excited for the weekend, however.  Aside from the excitement surrounding the office reveal, I am happy to have absolutely zero on the schedule.  I am going to dive into more italian lessons and a few online business courses I’m taking.  This week, A few things caught my eye!

The List wk 8

TAXES:  I used to be like, “what’s the problem” when people griped about tax season, but now I’m a griper too. Before owning my own business, I would just send away my w-2 and wait for the check to hit my bank account.  Now, I have a gazillion forms, receipts, papers, charts, whathaveyou.  I really enjoyed this post by Mike Gilger of Wild Measure & The Fresh Exchange which talks throughly about taxes for creative entrepreneurs.  If you need some solid guidance, give it a read.

WINTER TEXTURE: you guys know I love my neutrals, and I find that differentiating between summer and winter is all about texture for me. I like how this slightly nubby rug from Anthropologie is done in all cream giving it a cozy, snowy vibe.  I know I just confessed my thing for rugs yesterday and I already have a nubby cream rug, but this one is different, I swear.

APP-MAZING:  I’m not sure if you guys have seen this app yet, but I love it!  It’s called Felt, and you can create and hand write notecards and photo cards, plus handwrite the envelope and send it all through the app.  It’s a wonderful idea and might just encourage me to be better about sending cards.

PERSONALITIES & BUSINESS:  So, I mentioned an online business course earlier, but during one of the webinars, they were speaking about Meyers Briggs personality tests and how they apply to you as an entrepreneur.  I hadn’t taken one since high school, but I hopped on and took it.  It was crazy to see that I’m exactly the same type I was back then.  Pretty much an exact split between ESTJ and ENTJ… An interesting fact is that the majority of US presidents who’ve taken the test are ESTJs.  Maybe I missed my calling!  What are you?

SCALLOPED PERFECTION:  I saw this mirror in a bathroom on Pinterest this week and just love how simple it is and how much interest it still offers.

Have a great one, friends!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the office reveal!  Eee!