The List wk 9

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Happy Friday from Las Vegas! I got in yesterday, midday and it has been so refreshing just to walk outside in the warm weather.  I am so looking forward to spending the weekend soaking it all in.  Tell me, what do you have on your agenda?

From my week, there are a few things that stand out:

The List Week 9

LE BRALETTE – I know bralettes aren’t a new thing, but I’ve recently decided that I need way more pretty delicates (rather than functional ones) in my life. Roseline from This is Glamorous always posts the most beautiful lacy things on Instagram which is what has inspired me. This gorgeous piece is from Free People, and is pricey, but gorgeous!

LIFESAVER – I have been living by this almond shower oil for the last two months.  It doesn’t sud up a lot, but after using it, my skin is so silky and moisturized. $25 for the large size.

NEW & NOTABLE – I love the fairly new-on-the-scene Shinola watches for their rustic simplicity – and they’re all made in the US. The Runwell is my favorite style.  Isn’t it beautiful?!

SIMPLY GORGEOUS – This cut-out mirror from Anthropologie is one of my new favorites because it’s got a lot of great detail, yet is still so simple and understated. $428.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS? – I am not so into the regular vegas scene, so I was looking for some off-the-grid activities, like hiking or horseback riding.  Any suggestions in this totally crazy city? I do have a mystery novel in my bag and I still might just hunker down and the pool and read my weekend away, but I’d be curious if anyone has a ‘must-do’.

There are a few other things that are notable around here:

– If you are local to Columbus, ReDress Columbus is hosting a spring even and I am going to be participating by sharing spring home trends and having my product line there for sale.  The event is on Tuesday, March 3rd- details are here – and I would LOVE to see you there!

– Second, House of Cards starts today… do you watch?

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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